Here you may find things I consider useful, however nothing special. That includes, among other things:


This space is dedicated mainly to personal things, despite you may find professional uses for them. I am a singular human individual (not a team, business, corporation or institution).

You may also find spontaneous spirituality, which is natural to who I am, I think.

Craftsmanship - Retrofuturistic and Technological

Those are fruits of love, offered to everyone, for free. I really hope you enjoy!

It is an attempt to requite all the much I've been receiving so far, within the limits of my possibilities.

I am old school. Many things I could know and learn are now old too. Those "old and reliable" things are worth trusting. Why not rejoyce together with them?

What have passed thru the test of time can be reference of what is valuable or not. Maybe I could start with old technology.